Agosto' Silk scarf in box

Olivetti & Co. S.p.A

The Olivetti calendar was produced in a limited edition of a thousand as a prestige giveaway for the Italian market. Possibly inspired by the psychedelic graphics current in late 1960s London, Fletcher had every sheet hand printed in three or more fluorescent inks, the combinations of which were selected to generate the most eye-popping effects. Apparently the printer had to wear sunglasses and the ink company described it as the most vulgar thing they had ever seen. In spite of the calendar’s willful non-functionality, it proved a great success. The ‘Agosto’ page was reproduced as a silk scarf, several of which were dropped from light aircraft onto the beaches of the Italian Riviera in the summer of 1969.

Emily King, Design Museum
Alan Fletcher: fifty years of graphic work (and play)

Box 300x95mm
Scarf 785x785mm


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